Corporate College Services, Inc., is in the business of growing corporate intelligence. As a company whose goal is to accelerate human resources development through education and training, we have a two-fold mission: to help corporations build and retain an agile, competent, and loyal workforce, and to help workers recognize their inherent learning power and growth potential.

Our programs, which enable your employees to earn their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Science (MSM) degrees, are tailored to meet your company’s needs.


We offer your employees coursework that will enable them to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, a Master of Science (MSM) degree or a  graduate level Certificate in Human Performance Technology (HPT), which can be a stand-alone program or applied towards a Masters degree.


Your employee will be following a curriculum determined and approved by our partner degree-granting accredited institutions. Specific coursework and class structure depends on the degree or certificate path your employee is on.


Earning a Degree

When you value your employees, it shows. Investing in their further education, and providing them the space and time to move forward, rewards them and rewards you. We hear from our students all the time about the difference our programs have made in their lives. You have the power to grant them this opportunity.

Corporate College Services brings an accelerated curriculum to advance the education and skills of employees in your organization.



Our educational partners and degree-granting institutions are three regionally-accredited (the highest form of accreditation) colleges whose main emphasis is on adult learning:

Charter Oak State College
a nonprofit, public liberal arts college located in Connecticut.


Excelsior College
a nonprofit, private college located in New York.



Thomas Edison State University
a nonprofit, public university located in New Jersey.

Client Testimonial

“The Corporate College Services program is an extremely effective way to achieve an undergraduate degree or MBA.   As an instructor and Corporate HR manager, I see first-hand how the curriculum format of combining academic learning with practical application allows students to put information to use on the job immediately. Also, the corporate venue allows students to learn by sharing their specific work experiences.”

Karen Pfeifer-Jones—Talent Development Manager/PSE&G.